Guiter Chord of Song Humsafar from Album: KK

Here you will find the guiter chord of Song Humsafar from Hindi Movie Album: KK

Am                 g                     F                  G
aasman ke .........hai saare taare ......hai mera chand.... kahan
Am                   G                     F                    G
aankhein hai num ....dil me hain umang.....ho kuch to raham ....khuda
Am      G        F          G
wooooououou........sunle meri dua....
Am      G         F                G
wooooouououou.....ho kuch to raham khuda.....
We it was usefull to provide the guiter chord of the Hindi Song of Humsafar from the Movie Album: KK. We tried to provide the Hindi guiter chord of Song Humsafar as correct as possible. In case if you feel any correction is necessary, kindlly inform us through the Contact us form of the website.
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