Lyric of Marathi song Kevha Tari Pahate

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Kevha Tari Pahate Asha Bhosle -- -- Aawaz Chandnyache (part - 1) -- --

Average Rating: 4

Total Votes: 1


(kevha tari pahate) - 2
ulatun ratr geli
mitale chukun dole
mitale mitale mitale chukun dole
haravun rat geli
kevha taree pahate - 2

(sangu taree kase mee, way kovle unhache - 2)
(usavun shwas maza) - 2
(fasavun rat geli, kevha taree pahate) - 2

(urale urat kahi, awaz chandanyache) - 2
(akash tarakanche, uchalun rat geli) - 2
akash tarakanche, kevha taree pahate

(smaralya malana tevha, majhyach geet panktee) - 2
(mag ol shevatachi) - 2
(suchavun rat geli,kevha taree pahate) - 4

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Film cast: --
Singers: Asha Bhosle
Lyricists: Shanta Shelke, Suresh Bhat, Raja Bedhe
Film Director: --
Music Director: --
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