Vedagiri K


  • Primary Skill Instrument Player-Piano,Keyboard
  • Other Skills Instrument Player-Keyboard,Harmonium
  • Address -
  • Language Telugu

"I am a professional Keyboard programmer
Completed 4 grades in western class piano from Royal School of London and trained in Hindustani Harmonium & Carnatic vocal "

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Audio Files

  • Title: Abhimani Song
  • Composition Name:Abhimani Song
  • Language: Telugu
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  • Title: Paluke Bangaramaye Fusion
  • Composition Name:Paluke Bangaramaye Fusion
  • Language: Telugu
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Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Carnatic Instrument Player

Having accompanied to Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodari from Asianet TV
Having accompanied to 1st NRI Lady Miss Sushma Somasekharan
Accompanied in violin recently to an Kenyen Lady at Kolkata

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