Dr kalyani Bondre


  • Primary Skill Singer-North Indian Classical
  • Other Skills Others-Teacher,Composer
  • Address Kothrud
  • Language English
  • Website http://www.kalyanibondre.com

Dr Kalyani Bondre is an Indian Classical Vocalist. Along with pure Hindustani Classical Music, she also presents Marathi Natyasangeet, Bhajan, Bhavgeet, and Ghazals. She has performed at various platforms in India and abroad.

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Dr Kalyani Bondre is a new generation classical vocalist with a vibrant, youthful, and original style of singing. Kalyani’s first musical impressions were formed in her own home, as both her parents have been exponents of Indian Classical Music.

Not confining herself to the rigid barriers of any one Gharana, her gayaki encompasses the nuances of different schools of music. She has created her own individual style, blending elements from a variety of sources.

Kalyani has already started establishing her mark as an outstanding talent and has performed at prestigious platforms in India and abroad. Gifted with a rich, melodious voice, which freely flows in all the three octaves, an effortless command of rhythm, clarity of diction, originality, and versatility, she captivates audiences wherever she performs. In addition to pure classical music and natyasangeet, she presents other light forms of music like bhajans, abhangas, bhaavsangeet, ghazals and other forms of contemporary music with equal aplomb. Her speciality lies in her detailed and intricate alaaps, which slowly unfold the structure of the Raga, forceful taans, imaginative taan patterns, and electrifying sargams.

Kalyani has composed a variety of bandishes in different Ragas. She has composed the lyrics as well as music for these bandishes. She has also composed Taraanas. She has composed music for dance dramas and short musicals. She has conceived, developed and presented a unique concept of Vocal-Harmonium Jugalbandi.

Video Files

  • Title: Raga Multani
  • Composition Name: Drut Bandish
  • Language: Hindi
Rating : 

Audio Files

  • Title: Marathi Natyageet
  • Composition Name:Nachat Na Gaganat
  • Language: Marathi
Rating : 
  • Title: Marathi Bhajan
  • Composition Name:Awaghachi Sansar
  • Language: Marathi
Rating : 
  • Title: Raga Maru Bihag
  • Composition Name:Drut Bandish
  • Language: Hindi
Rating : 

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