Ragini Chakravarty


  • Primary Skill Singer-hindustani classical,Bhajan
  • Other Skills Others-Teacher,Composer
  • Address C-211, CGS COLONY, WADALA(WEST)
  • Language Marathi, Hindi, English, Bengali, Assamese
  • Website http://www.raginichakravarty.com

RAGINI CHAKRAVARTY is a new generation Hindustani Classical Vocalist of the Kirana Gharana. A prominent disciple of Padmabhushan Dr. Prabha Atre. Gifted with a mellifluous voice and enriched with a refreshingly feminine style of singing Ragini has adapted perfectly to the Kirana gayaki which puts emphasis on melody and sweet intonation of words. Her singing takes one slowly and steadily into the beautiful inner world of a particular raga with elaborate meditative alaap and lilting sargams and then climaxing with intricate taans and fast compositions.

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Ragini has been doing stage performances all over India eliciting tremendous response from the rasikas. She has also been doing concerts on Doordarshan and All India Radio in different forms of vocal music. Thanks to the adaptability of her voice Ragini has excelled in the lighter forms of vocal music too including modern songs and jingles.
Trained in the Gurukul tradition Ragini always finds time to carry on the tradition by imparting music lessons to the young talented disciples.

An experiment in music had been realized on 11th, March, 2007 at Karnataka Sangha Auditorium, Mumbai. The concept runs like this: Music is like an endless stream with twists, turns, turbulence and variations, but always flowing and never stopping on its track. The program is a journey exploring all these different forms of music while remaining glued to the pristine elements as enshrined in the Ragas. The journey begins with music in its purest form, the Indian Hindustani Classical vilambit khayal in Bhairav raga followed by lighter compositions in the same morning raga. Several other morning ragas will also be touched upon while continuing with the journey. Lighter compositions will include bhajans, folk, songs in bhatiali and modern songs including ravindra sangeet. Language barriers will be crossed with songs in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Assamese that are glued to the ragas introduced earlier.

The program was repeated in January, 2011 at Karnataka Sangha with grand success and appreciation.

Video Files

  • Title: Kamalananda Song
  • Composition Name: Jukia Xajulli...
  • Language: Assamese
Rating : 
  • Title: Lord Ram's
  • Composition Name: Mere Man Bhiya..
  • Language: Hindi
Rating : 
  • Title: Bhajan of Lord Ram
  • Composition Name: Prem Mudite Man Se...
  • Language: Hindi
Rating : 

Audio Files

  • Title: Bihu Song
  • Composition Name:Bandhoire Barite...
  • Language: Assamese
Rating : 
  • Title: My Grandfather's Songs
  • Composition Name:O' Naoriya (Boatman )
  • Language: Assamese
Rating : 
  • Title: Assamese Song
  • Composition Name:'Bhoyai Oi..'
  • Language: Assamese
Rating : 

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