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  • Primary Skill Singer-Sufi,Bhajan
  • Other Skills Singer-Vocal,Devotional
  • Address 210/3nanda nagar
  • Language Sindhi, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati
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Sufiyana Gayaki Mein Sarvottam is Shresth “SONA JADHAV”

“Panpe wahi beej, wo meetti mein sadne ke liye teyyar the”
Nobody stands in comparison with Sona Jadhav (Bhardwaj) of Indore. She has worked hard, struggled a lot and then become a self-made person who becomes the “Modern Meera”. Spiritualism and faith in God are her main aspects through these aspects she turned herself into a good singer.

She is gifted with many qualities that differentiates her from other persons. She is polite, well-behaved, rich with philosophical qualities, not stable, rich with philosophical qualities, not stable but filled with patience. She started her singing when she was only 11 years old. Nobody must have thought that these small wings would fly so high.

She was born on 21st May, the year was 1981 and she was there on this earth. Challenging rhythm, lyrics were there. She made herself stable with perseverance. She was heartbroken with her father died accidentally in 1997. But she knew how to come out of her deep sorrow and grief. Self realization was there and she came at the top ten then she forgot to look back.

Once upon a time there was a king who was one-eyed. He called many artists to draw his portrait. One of the artist thought that if I would show one eye, the king might be angry so he drew a beautiful two eyed portrait. Second artist wanted to depict the reality so he made one eyed photograph. Third one made the portrait in which the king had the arrow on the bow. Because of that, the fault of the eye was hidden. All the three pictures were beautiful but the third one won the prize. That means he presented the truth with wisdom.
This means that in the age of physical and outer appearance, struggle for self existence, busy schedule where there is no place for philosophy, spiritualism, thinking and creativity. This is the hard fact known by Sona. Nevertheless she tries and her effort can be told incomparable and superb. Continuity is the part of here life. She has really become Sona (Gold) and nobody is there to stand with her.

She is devotee of Lord Khatoo Shyam Baba and signs for Matarani. She has presented more than 700 programmes throughout the country and even Home Minister of M.P. could not control himself on his birthday. She could compared and managed with many famous artists as Raja, playback singer Richa Sharma, Sonu Nigam, Tripti Shakya, and Anu Kapoor and many national lever actors. Her journey from Indore to Mumbai is really unbelievable and excellent.

The Devotee of Lord Shyam Baba, Shri Nandkishore Shrarma (Nanduji) composed hymns and were sung by Sona. The second edition was wonderful and praised by all. It was “Radha ka Chitchor” (2007). After his marvelous presentation Sona Jadhav got new position name and fame.

Before this is the hymns written by Kiran Mishra “Chala Re Mann Guru Sharan Mein” (2004). Sona Jadhav sund the hymns and she got a pat on her back. It is from her efforts she brings laurels…

“Path kya pathik kushalta kya,
Yadi path me beekahre shul na ho,
Navik ki dhairya kushalta kya
Jab dharayen pratikkul na ho.”

There is not many kinderance in Sona’s creativity inspite of many problems. If it is there she approved all hindrances as she considers…Kadam badhao sathi
Fikra manzil ki naa karo,
Manzil to ek padhav hai
Ise pakar aahen na bharo.”

She reflects the Sufiyani Gayaki there is a wonderful co-ordination of bhakti, sangeet in her bhajans. This is only why her bhajans are listened with love, care and with ease and they are praised by listeners.

Learning gives creativity
Creativity leads to thinking
Thinking provides knowledge
Knowledge makes you great.

These lines are written by former President of India. These lines seems to be suggestive and gifted to a great personality, creatively and an artist. She always wants to learn and that zeal for learning made her (Beat The Best). Hard-work perseverance, determination gave her, her position that has no bar…

She also considers that…
“Waqt ke saath badalna hai Humme apna mizaz,
Agar hum na badle to haalat badal jayenge”
This is only the result of her thinking that her qualities are here recognition.

In her such as little age, she experienced a lt. The founder of “Sufiyana Gayaki” Sona Sona Jadhav depicts her full faith in God and realistic importance in the creativity of hymns. With the song “Ekhla Chalo…” she is very close to her destination which has been her dream.

Among many famous artists and singers she has mutual understanding and quality of behaviors because of that she is able to maintain the relationship. Daughter of Goddess Saraswati “Sona Jadhav” has music in her veins. There is a flow of “Sur Sangeet” in her every part of body. That direct flow of sangeet is always loved to be heard.

In between the boundless sea if anybody gives us true definition of the reality of music, singing sn hymns than she has only the right to be given the honor. And that honor, no doubt can be given to “Miss Sona Jadhav”.

Modern Meera : Sona’s five principles (Panchsheel Siddhant)

Principle of body defence:
1. Pure and limited food.
2. Sufficient use of pure water
3. Deep breathe in open air
4. Proper rest
5. Rest without any tension.

Principal of mental health:
1. Attitude like player
2. Happiness every time
3. Self reliance
4. Concentration power and glory
5. Satisfaction in achievement and enthusiasm in progress

Principle of spiritual health:
1. Faith in the theory of action . Self dependence
3. Simple living
4. Quickness
5. Closeness to heart and obligation

Principle based on religious aspect:
1. To be with goodness
2. Non co-operation for bad things, appose
3. Help for uprooting and degradation
4. Be faithful
5. Quickness in fulfilling

Principles based on social aspact:
1. Honesty and well behave
2. Polite, good behavior and controlled way
3. Whatever said should be done
4. Co-operation and liberalization
5. Obligation, helpness, co-operation, love to younger and forgiveness.

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