Subhendu Giri


  • Primary Skill Singer-Ravindra Sangeet,Classical
  • Other Skills Singer-Classical
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  • Language Bengali

I am better to say, a promising singer rather than singer, as I don't own any certificate for the same. Only inspiration is habit of listening and understanding good song of good life time favorite Bengali singers(Hemanta, Sandhya..) from childhood.

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Let me thank for giving at least opportunity to express myself which will be followed after this.
Today, we are in such a turbulent era, every basic has been distorted with a great amount of effort and it looks almost impossible to find the reference. Hence, I'm very much afraid that the thing which I'm going to share, might become easy to get ignored or declared as invalid.
There will be lots of divergence if we take a stat of why people sing or why they become singer.
I was very lucky to listen plenty of exceptional good songs from good Bengali singers in my childhood because of songs got broadcasted from medium wave(AM) of transistor(radio).
At what age, one is listening good songs matters a lot too, only because of that I have the ability to point out which are the good/bad song among plenty of popular songs. If one gets an opportunity to listen Adhunik/Ravindra Sangeet from West Bengal's all time great singers like Hemanta/Sandhya with a great of amount of stability, he/she will have no difficulty to sort out the difference between those songs and same songs sung by modern artist. It's never easy to make understand, unless we have right passion and we know why we like something. Often we give respect to those singers a lot, but very rare we try to understand why those songs are immortal.
In this perspective, I look myself as rich as possible and I try to sing those songs with a great amount of love, passion and respect. Thanks.

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  • Title: Amar byatha zakhan
  • Composition Name:Rabindra sangeet
  • Language: Bengali
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