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  • Primary Skill Dancer-Odissi
  • Other Skills Dancer-Odissi
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  • Language Oriya, Hindi, English, Bengali

"I am a professional odissi dancer and has knowledge of various regional indian dances. Perfomed live concerts all over India and Abroad.”
I have been choreographing new works since 2000. They are completely different from each other in concept, music and choreography. I take anywhere from one year to two years (maximum) to develop and stage each new work. I have created both traditional and contemporary, full length words and several individual Dances.
I was always very encouraged and sometimes even pushed to a certain extent to do new work or experimental work. It was always a challenge to see how new and how experimental can I possibly get, and still stay within the self imposed boundaries. This is because of my own personal choice of concepts, visual aesthetics and movement expression. I enjoy the process of discovering new possibilities.

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Programme Director (Culture), SANKALP
& Creative Head, SANKALP’s
Performing Art Group, Odissi Dance

-A Brief Profile-

Smt. Kasturi Pattanaik is one of the original thinkers and innovative interpreters of Indian classical dance, particularly of Odissi dance. A product of Odissi Research Centre (ORC), Bhubaneswar, Mrs. Pattanaik, has been working with SANKALP as its Programme Director (Culture).

Smt. Pattanaik is credited with re-exploration, reconstruction and recreation of Odissi dance; enhancing its classical canons and artistic essence; with new concepts, objectives, themes, identities, techniques, values, meanings, practices and repertoire in a new Odissi dance style. The new style has received wide acclaims and accolades all over the country and outside. She is a profound performer, insightful Odissi music composer and established classical dance teacher.

Her contribution spread to the other segments of Indian art and culture; including folk, indigenous and traditional art.

Smt. Pattanaik has widely travelled and performed throughout the world; including in all the important national dance festivals as well as in the international dance festivals of USSR, North Korea, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

She has been conducting workshops, orientation programmes and refresher courses in Odissi dance both in India and abroad.

She has served the Govt. of India (Ministry of Culture) committees on selection of young scholarships and fellowships and CBFC.

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  • Title: Kasturi Pattanaik
  • Composition Name: Mangalacharan
  • Language: Oriya
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