Raja Guha


  • Primary Skill Singer-Devotional,Shama Sangeet
  • Other Skills Singer-Shama Sangeet
  • Address 130/2/1, B.S.Road, Behala
  • Language Bengali

I am a devotional singer with very good experience on stage.I am performing on various kinds of songs for more than 35 years but from 2005 I have dedicated myself towards only Shyama Sangeet.

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I Raja Guha started my singing career since 1981 as a copy singer of Kishore kumar.Still Now I perform on songs of Kishore Kumar,but from 2005 my own identity as a singer comes through shyama sangeet albums released from Gathani,Cozmik harmony,Kamakkhaya digital company etc.
From the year 2005 in order to distinguish myself from the other copy singers of Kishore Kumar I shifted my preference towards the devotional songs.My devotional albums are as follows:
1) Jago Shankaro Priya
2) Jago Maa Maheshwari
3) Mete Oth Na Mayer naam e
4) Jagat Janani Kali Rupey
5) Bhabe karo Aradhana
6) Shiba Kalpo Mahajogi
7) kamakkhaya Mayer Amrito Gantha
Some of these albums are audio and others are video.
My video songs are already available on Youtube ,search for Raja Guha.
I want my devotional songs to spread more and more and want more people to listen to the songs of "Maa".

Video Files

  • Title: je jemon bhaber ghore
  • Composition Name: je jemon bhaber ghore
  • Language: Bengali
Rating : 
  • Title: Kamakkhaya mayer
  • Composition Name: Kamakkhaya mayer
  • Language: Bengali
Rating : 

Audio Files

  • Title: Tara Naame
  • Composition Name:Tara Naame
  • Language: Bengali
Rating : 
  • Title: Jani ne maa
  • Composition Name:Jani ne Maa
  • Language: Bengali
Rating : 

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