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  • Primary Skill Singer-Rock
  • Other Skills Others-Composer
  • Address 13384
  • Language Punjabi

Indanation is the latest band from the Lower Mainland to hit the international Bhangra scene. Combining pulsating rock beats with traditional Bhangra rhythms, the music of Indanation, or IDN for short, is a blend of elements from North American and Indian musical cultures.

From the subtlety, dexterity and sheer expressiveness of an electric guitar solo to the raw live energy of a beating Dhol IDN- delivers a definitive sound that is best described as a new genre of fusion music.

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  • Title: Tappe
  • Composition Name:Indanation
  • Language: Punjabi
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Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Kumar Mardur
Hindustani Classical Singer

Junior Guru in ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata.
Graded performer through AIR and Doordarshan.
Performing throughout India and abroad extensively.

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