Roohani Sisters


  • Primary Skill Singer-Sufi
  • Other Skills Singer-Devotional,Gazal
  • Address -
  • Language Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi,PERSIAN
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The Sufi jugalbandi duo Roohani Sisters (empanelled by I.C.C.R, Ministry of Ext. Affairs) comprises of two members Jagriti Luthra & Neeta Pandey, both young & equally talented sufi singers. Jagriti & Neeta intensely believe in sufi tradition of music.
Roohani sisters are a beautiful mix of two equally talented performers who are at par with each other and on the same hand complement each other with their different yet same styles of singing. Such a duet sufi performance is able to combine the best of both the performers and this can be noticed when they perform together.
When they sing, you definitely know it is Roohani Sisters and not one of hundreds who all sound the same. And part of what gives them a little more edge is that in addition to a great singing voice, they also write and compose their own material.
Roohani Sisters have a firecracker performing personality. Their idea of Sufism lies in devotion, dedication & determination. They know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to work hard to make it happen. Through Sufism they aim at giving their view of spirituality, a new dimension.
The Roohani Sisters are equally trained & extremely versatile classical singers. They support themselves with a variety of Performances that include quawaali , bhajans ,ghazals, kajri, chaiti and sufiana forms of music, almost reluctant to talk about the success that is starting to happen to them. It is definitely part of their charm, along with the smoky voice that carries a heavy dose of sultry.
.Roohani Sisters have performed at various prestigious stages of India like Delhi International Art Festival in 2010, Maha Kumbh Mela at haridwar etc and have also given interviews for various channels like Doordarshan, ND Tv Imagine, Aj Tak, Pragya, Focus etc.

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  • Title: Roohani sisters live
  • Composition Name: Sun charkhe di
  • Language: Punjabi
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  • Title: Roohani sisters Live
  • Composition Name:Jhule Jhulelal
  • Language: Hindi
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