Gulab Chand Sharma


  • Primary Skill Singer-Bhajan,Devotional
  • Other Skills Model-
  • Address 109,1st Floor,Kejriwal Complex,S.J.Road, Athgaon
  • Language Hindi, English, Bengali, Assamese
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I have been singing bhajans of all types related to God Krishna, Rama, Hanuman,Shiv & Mataji since last 25 years mainly in North East India. I have a vry good grip in langages like Assamese, Hindi, Bengali,Bhojpuri.

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I have been playing music instrument mainly keyboard for over 20 years also I like to compose music of all type in any indian lanuage.

Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Carnatic Instrument Player

Having accompanied to Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodari from Asianet TV
Having accompanied to 1st NRI Lady Miss Sushma Somasekharan
Accompanied in violin recently to an Kenyen Lady at Kolkata

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