Govind Makwana


  • Primary Skill Instrument Player-Flute,Harmonium
  • Other Skills Singer-Dandiya,Bhajan
  • Address -
  • Language Hindi, Gujarati
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"I have flute playing indian music instruments for over 10 years. Basically, a lead classical. I would love to be part of any renound band that deals with indian music instrument"

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Video Files

  • Title: Indian Classical Solo Per
  • Composition Name: Raga: Bhupali
  • Language: English
Rating : 
  • Title: Flute with BharatNatyam
  • Composition Name: BharatNatyam
  • Language: Tamil
Rating : 
  • Title: Inst.
  • Composition Name: Inst.
  • Language: Hindi
Rating : 
  • Title: Kora Kagaz
  • Composition Name: Kora Kaga
  • Language: Hindi
Rating : 

Audio Files

  • Title: Sarang
  • Composition Name:Raga: Sarang
  • Language: Gujarati
Rating : 

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Featured Artist

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